Koh Films is named after a young boy whose life was taken away before he turned adolescent. We designed the brand motif to tell the story of his afterlife where he continues to positively change the world by planting seeds of love and kindness in the minds of people while riding on the back of Kirin, a mystic beast that represents peace.
Koh’s Story
Hiroki Kamada primarily works as a film director, which also lends its cinematic quality to his commercial work. At Koh Films, he also collaborates with other filmmakers on projects as a creative director, producer, and executive producer.
Hiroki Kamada
“What I love the most about filmmaking is that I get to collaborate with artists from all creative fields. And by the time we finish the project, we are already excited for what is next.”
Koh Films is a brand of One Kinship. For more information about the company, visit onekinship.com
“I enjoy improving ourselves as a company with each project to support artists and the environment. And I believe there is always space to be kind in many ways”
Sky is a creative director and creative producer. Her passion is to create harmony and excitement for each project. She really loves to collaborate with talented artists who can bring their passion to our project.
Sky Maxine
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